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By Russell Gurule’

Bullsnakes fans it’s that time to again, each week we look back at what happened with your beloved Bullsnakes and all the other basketball news in the Land of Enchantment.

For every time there is a season. Many songs have been written about seasons changing from The Bryds of the 60’s to Post Malone of today.

For the Bullsnakes that time has come as we entered the new year. Our first road game was a tipping point towards what could be considered a more focused group of Snakes. Our trip to Las Vegas brought the Bullsnakes closer together as we faced adversity with changing of gyms and game times. Even different rules were applied to our game in Las Vegas.

Adversity brought out the best in the Bullsnakes as they came all the way back from a large deficit to come within striking distance. Although our trip didn’t end with the victory, a new appreciation for the commitment it takes to win came into place.

Several changes have or are beginning to take place within the Bullsnakes organization. As you well know by now. Jordan Jones will be playing in the Mexican League where he gets a chance to continue his dream. It has been a pleasure getting to know Jordan. I found out that Jordan is a rapper with the best moonwalk I’ve seen this side of Michael Jackson.

Jordan gave us plenty of memories during his time with the Bullsnakes. We will always cherish them. Jordan is now an official member of the Bullsnakes alumni. We hope to add to that group through the years as we continue to build this franchise.

With all of that another change came our way, Dominique Josephs will be out for the rest of the season. But not to worry, he will back with us next season. Watching Dominique overcome many challenges to be with us showed how competitive Dominique is. We look forward to next year with Dominique Josephs playing center.

We’ve had a slow period in the schedule, and a group of Bullsnakes ready to get back on the court. This new year we’ll bring on the challenge of reaching the playoffs. As we enter what could be considered the second half of the season, we’ll find out how all these changes come into play.

We thank you for all your support. The media may not have noticed the Bullsnakes, but certainly have.


The APS Metro Championships in high school basketball have been a real treat. If you love watching future Bullsnakes this is definitely worth watching. This tournament has had several surprises with Albuquerque High advancing with a two-game win streak.

Cleveland appears to be the favorite as they continue to be undefeated. The Championship game is Saturday at Albuquerque High at 4 p.m.


We will have new player announcements soon. We will also have announcements on future road games for this month. Be sure to check our website and facebook for future events.

Our youtube channel will be up and running soon. Our new black road uniforms are on the way. The Bullsnakes will also make an appearance at the convention center on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Stop by and meet some of our players.


Check website for future games and announcements.

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By Russell Gurule’

Bullsnakes fans it’s that time again! Each week we go over what happened with your beloved Bullsnakes and all the other basketball news in the Land of Enchantment.

It was all a dream and then it became a reality. Owner Nick Lourenco brought Professional basketball to New Mexico. 2019 was a series of highs and lows for the Bullsnakes. A birth of a franchise is like the birth of a child. First you learn how to walk and you learn how to speak.

The Bullsnakes were much the same as a team was being put together to compete in the American Basketball Association. Without the contributions from many people and players the Bullsnakes would never have become a reality. Reaching 2020 is a real testament to the perseverance of this organization.

Challenges arose in just finding solid players to commit to this thing called the Bullsnakes. Uncertainty was on the minds of many. Could the Bullsnakes be possible considering many before had tried and failed in the Land of Enchantment? Yet here we are in 2020. The Bullsnakes have a full roster of solid players and a fan base that many in the ABA would envy.

Many firsts have come for this franchise, top 25 rankings, road games, and live broadcasts. Our players have risen to new heights with this season. The Bullsnakes have now become a platform for many aspiring players seeking to become professionals in the state of New Mexico. This is a platform that hadn’t existed for some time.

Players were relegated to rec leagues and traveling teams, or possibly leaving New Mexico to chase their dreams. But now this year’s roster can wear the uniform and be called professionals playing in front of a home crowd with a chance to compete in a playoff setting. New Mexico has a team.

Now the Bullsnakes are becoming a pivotal part of the basketball community in the Land of Enchantment. One can only ask for an opportunity and that’s what we strive to give. As we start the new year, hope has grown bigger for this thing we call the Bullsnakes.

The media hasn’t noticed or perhaps they aren’t interested. Perhaps, they expect us to fail. But you the fans have made the Bullsnakes apart of the community. With your support, the Bullsnakes have grown from an idea into a reality. We here at the Bullsnakes organization thank each and every one of you for the love and support you have given.

Bigger things are coming for 2020, a decade and a new chapter is waiting to be written by you the fans. We thank all you who have taken a leap of faith and supported the Bullsnakes. To those sitting on the fence, we ask you to join us in 2020 as we look to make the Bullsnakes a tradition in New Mexico.

Here’s to a new year! Go Bullsnakes!


High school basketball is on fire in the state. At this point in the season, several teams hold undefeated records. Cleveland at 10-0, Volcano Vista at 8-0, and Eldorado at 7-0. The Metro Championships is coming up next week. This 16-team tournament will feature all the 5/4A schools in the greater Albuquerque Metro. This year looks to be super exciting. Many players on our roster have competed in this tournament. It’s a great experience for players and fans alike.


Our website will be going through a renovation fairly soon. Check back in for updates. Our youtube channel will be up and running this year. We also plan to give you more ways to watch the Bullsnakes.


We are presently adding games for January. Check our events at and our Facebook page for further details.

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By Russell Gurule’

Sunday afternoon the New Mexico Bullsnakes played their very first road game ever in this inaugural season against the Las Vegas Royals in Nevada. The team was shorthand without the services of star Devon Williams, Dominique Josephs, and Derius Hegwood due to work and family commitments.

The game started with the Bullsnakes coming out cold and the Royals coming out hot from 3-point land. The Bullsnakes struggled to find offense and free throws weren’t falling. The Royals were able to build a steady 15-point lead throughout the 1st quarter. The Bullsnakes held steady as they worked to find a rhythm to the game. Lamar Morinia worked hard to get the offense going and Mikal Monette worked the boards extra hard as the Bullsnakes were shorthanded in the post.

Jordan Jones started to get on track in the 2nd quarter with a thunderous slam that got the bench standing on their feet. Yet the Royals were able to build the lead up with continuous drives and foul calls for a halftime score of 64-41. The Bullsnakes had dug a big hole that was going to take some time to climb out of.

The 3rd quarter began with Head Coach BB Rico putting on the press. Jimmie Marshall came in and built a stellar reputation as a defender with steal after steal. Jimmie became the Bullsnakes offense with several breakaway layups and two 3’s. The energy got the rest of the Bullsnakes going as they brought the lead down to 14 points for the Royals. Damien Salais and Seth Warfield also got on track with a couple of threes during the furious 3rd quarter.

The 4th quarter showed how a game can change in an instant. The Royals were struggling to find the rhythm they had in the 1st quarter. The Bullsnakes brought the Royals lead down to 7 points with just 4 minutes to go. Both teams traded buckets until several key plays went the Royals favor. The Royals were able to go on a considerable long run to put the game out of question for a final score of 128-107. The Bullsnakes record is now 5-2 in league play.

The game was a tale of two halfs. The Bullsnakes were able to score 66 points in the second half to have a fighting chance for a victory on the road. Given all the adversity of this road trip, the Bullsnakes showed a tremendous amount of grit and determination which gives renewed hope as the season rolls along.

Be sure to check our facebook page for future games and events. Go Bullsnakes!

Russell's Rundown 12/25/2019

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By Russell Gurule’

Bullsnakes fans it’s that time again! Each week we go over what happened with your beloved Bullsnakes
and all the other basketball news in the Land of Enchantment.
2019 is about to leave the building, the bus is warming up! We will embark on our very first road game
ever for this young and new franchise that is making the rest of the ABA take notice.
The Bullsnakes have climbed into the ABA’s Power rankings. Yet the 7-game requirement for this week’s
rankings has pushed the Bullsnakes out for the first time in several weeks. But no worries, the Snakes will
begin a slew of games starting this weekend as they head to Las Vegas, NV to face the Royals in what
could be an epic test of adversity.
This will be the first time the Bullsnakes have been away from the comforts of Albuquerque for more
than a day. This will also be the first time the Snakes have played in another state other than New Mexico.
Bullsnakes history is about to be made with this trip. But the main focus always remains the same. Get the
win! As with much of the year, a new question now pops up. Can the Snakes win on the road? We’ll find
out this coming Sunday.
The Snakes have had a two-week lull of Christmas cheer, now its back to the grind as they continue to
show the rest of the ABA that they’re for real. The new year brings the goal of making the playoffs more
into focus. The challenge becomes even bigger as each game comes up on the calendar.
As of right now the Snakes are healthy and ready as the journey continues. Here at the Bullsnakes
organization we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a tremendous New Year.
High schools from around the Land of Enchantment will be participating in as many as five tournaments
before New year’s day. Plenty of action for any fan.
Most of the state’s D-1 and D-2 colleges will start playing again in the new year.
For our first road game we plan to give you an inside look into this historic trip for the franchise. We will
broadcast the whole game on FaceBook Live. Tune in to see your Bullsnakes take on the Las Vegas
Royals in what will be our first true broadcast.
New Mexico Bullsnakes vs. Las Vegas Royals
WHERE: Tarkanian Academy, Las Vegas, NV
WHEN: Sunday 29th

GAME TIME: 2:00 p.m.

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By: Russel Lee Gurule

This Saturday afternoon affair started with both teams coming out of the gate ice cold.

For a good majority of the 1st quarter the score was goose eggs. Then the thermostat was turned up and the Bullsnakes went on a 9-0 run fueled by Lamar Morinia’s play. The rest of the Snakes followed suit.

The Snakes never looked back. Stifling pressure blew this game wide open. The Snakes went up by as many as 20pts or more.

Each Bullsnake seemed to have his own personal run during the 2nd quarter. Devon Williams started with a 7 straight pts during the quarter.

Josh Holmes also added to the already large lead. The wind was blown out of the Tucson Buckets sails. The game became a classic stat stuffer for the Snakes.

Now the Bullsnakes head into a two week break. They now prepare for a rematch with the Las Vegas Royals in Sin city.

The last game against the Royals helped launch the Bullsnakes into a ABA National Ranking. This will be the first road game for the Bullsnakes this inaugural season.

This pivotal match-up against the Royals will help determine the Bullsnakes future rankings.

Stay tuned to our FB page and Twitter. You can also find out more information on