Bullsnakes beat Las Vegas Royals

Posted by New Mexico Bullsnakes Basketball on Nov 23 2019 at 09:42PM PST

Saturday night brought a feeling of intensity as the Bullsnakes were about to face the No. 14 Las Vegas Royals of sin city.

The Bullsnakes came out shaky against the quickness of the Royals pressure defense. The team wasn’t able to get shots to drop which helped the Royals produce a 25-14 lead after the 1st Quarter.

Seth Warfield came in to give the Snakes a spark with two quick 3s. Lamar Morinia got going with two quick layups which tightened the game up.

The Bullsnakes went on a jail-break 20-4 to take the lead. Yet the Royals fought back to regain the lead.

Both teams traded buckets during the rest of the 2nd Quarter as the Bullsnakes played catch up. Damian Salais hit a corner 3-pointer to bring the Snakes within 1pt at halftime.

The halftime score was 51-52 in the Royals favor. At halftime the Bullsnakes honored Josh “Pitbull” Torres and young Zay in front of their family and friends.

The 3rd Quarter began with the same intensity as both teams methodically worked to break open the game.

The Bullsnakes did break the game open with JR Holmes going on a hot streak with two straight layups and a 3. Seth Warfield continued to stay hot from the outside with several 3s.

Devon Williams made strong moves in the post to bring the Bullsnakes lead into double-figures.

The Royals didn’t let down as they continued to claw back into the game with steady execution. The Bullsnakes however, held onto a 5pt lead at the end of three quarters.

The 4th quarter was a test of wills as the Bullsnakes held a uncomfortable 5pt lead throughout the 4th quarter.

Devon Williams went up another level with skilled drives to the basket, putbacks, and free throws to keep the Bullsnakes just beyond the Royals reach.

The crowd held its breath throughout the 4th quarter. The Bullsnakes were able to hold on for a 105-102 victory over the No.14 Royals.

This is a huge victory for the Bullsnakes as they head into the Thanksgiving break. The Bullsnakes are now 3-1 in ABA league play.