Russell's Rundown 12/25/2019

Posted by New Mexico Bullsnakes Basketball on Dec 25 2019 at 08:32PM PST


By Russell Gurule’

Bullsnakes fans it’s that time again! Each week we go over what happened with your beloved Bullsnakes
and all the other basketball news in the Land of Enchantment.
2019 is about to leave the building, the bus is warming up! We will embark on our very first road game
ever for this young and new franchise that is making the rest of the ABA take notice.
The Bullsnakes have climbed into the ABA’s Power rankings. Yet the 7-game requirement for this week’s
rankings has pushed the Bullsnakes out for the first time in several weeks. But no worries, the Snakes will
begin a slew of games starting this weekend as they head to Las Vegas, NV to face the Royals in what
could be an epic test of adversity.
This will be the first time the Bullsnakes have been away from the comforts of Albuquerque for more
than a day. This will also be the first time the Snakes have played in another state other than New Mexico.
Bullsnakes history is about to be made with this trip. But the main focus always remains the same. Get the
win! As with much of the year, a new question now pops up. Can the Snakes win on the road? We’ll find
out this coming Sunday.
The Snakes have had a two-week lull of Christmas cheer, now its back to the grind as they continue to
show the rest of the ABA that they’re for real. The new year brings the goal of making the playoffs more
into focus. The challenge becomes even bigger as each game comes up on the calendar.
As of right now the Snakes are healthy and ready as the journey continues. Here at the Bullsnakes
organization we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a tremendous New Year.
High schools from around the Land of Enchantment will be participating in as many as five tournaments
before New year’s day. Plenty of action for any fan.
Most of the state’s D-1 and D-2 colleges will start playing again in the new year.
For our first road game we plan to give you an inside look into this historic trip for the franchise. We will
broadcast the whole game on FaceBook Live. Tune in to see your Bullsnakes take on the Las Vegas
Royals in what will be our first true broadcast.
New Mexico Bullsnakes vs. Las Vegas Royals
WHERE: Tarkanian Academy, Las Vegas, NV
WHEN: Sunday 29th

GAME TIME: 2:00 p.m.

FACEBOOK: New Mexico Bullsnakes TWITTER: @Nbullsnakes
INSTAGRAM: newmexicobullsnakes