Game Summary: New Mexico Bullsnakes 107 Las Vegas Royals 128

Posted by New Mexico Bullsnakes Basketball on Dec 30 2019 at 02:17PM PST

By Russell Gurule’

Sunday afternoon the New Mexico Bullsnakes played their very first road game ever in this inaugural season against the Las Vegas Royals in Nevada. The team was shorthand without the services of star Devon Williams, Dominique Josephs, and Derius Hegwood due to work and family commitments.

The game started with the Bullsnakes coming out cold and the Royals coming out hot from 3-point land. The Bullsnakes struggled to find offense and free throws weren’t falling. The Royals were able to build a steady 15-point lead throughout the 1st quarter. The Bullsnakes held steady as they worked to find a rhythm to the game. Lamar Morinia worked hard to get the offense going and Mikal Monette worked the boards extra hard as the Bullsnakes were shorthanded in the post.

Jordan Jones started to get on track in the 2nd quarter with a thunderous slam that got the bench standing on their feet. Yet the Royals were able to build the lead up with continuous drives and foul calls for a halftime score of 64-41. The Bullsnakes had dug a big hole that was going to take some time to climb out of.

The 3rd quarter began with Head Coach BB Rico putting on the press. Jimmie Marshall came in and built a stellar reputation as a defender with steal after steal. Jimmie became the Bullsnakes offense with several breakaway layups and two 3’s. The energy got the rest of the Bullsnakes going as they brought the lead down to 14 points for the Royals. Damien Salais and Seth Warfield also got on track with a couple of threes during the furious 3rd quarter.

The 4th quarter showed how a game can change in an instant. The Royals were struggling to find the rhythm they had in the 1st quarter. The Bullsnakes brought the Royals lead down to 7 points with just 4 minutes to go. Both teams traded buckets until several key plays went the Royals favor. The Royals were able to go on a considerable long run to put the game out of question for a final score of 128-107. The Bullsnakes record is now 5-2 in league play.

The game was a tale of two halfs. The Bullsnakes were able to score 66 points in the second half to have a fighting chance for a victory on the road. Given all the adversity of this road trip, the Bullsnakes showed a tremendous amount of grit and determination which gives renewed hope as the season rolls along.

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