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By Russell Gurule’

Bullsnakes fans it’s that time again! Each week we go over what happened with your beloved Bullsnakes and all the other basketball news in the Land of Enchantment.

It was all a dream and then it became a reality. Owner Nick Lourenco brought Professional basketball to New Mexico. 2019 was a series of highs and lows for the Bullsnakes. A birth of a franchise is like the birth of a child. First you learn how to walk and you learn how to speak.

The Bullsnakes were much the same as a team was being put together to compete in the American Basketball Association. Without the contributions from many people and players the Bullsnakes would never have become a reality. Reaching 2020 is a real testament to the perseverance of this organization.

Challenges arose in just finding solid players to commit to this thing called the Bullsnakes. Uncertainty was on the minds of many. Could the Bullsnakes be possible considering many before had tried and failed in the Land of Enchantment? Yet here we are in 2020. The Bullsnakes have a full roster of solid players and a fan base that many in the ABA would envy.

Many firsts have come for this franchise, top 25 rankings, road games, and live broadcasts. Our players have risen to new heights with this season. The Bullsnakes have now become a platform for many aspiring players seeking to become professionals in the state of New Mexico. This is a platform that hadn’t existed for some time.

Players were relegated to rec leagues and traveling teams, or possibly leaving New Mexico to chase their dreams. But now this year’s roster can wear the uniform and be called professionals playing in front of a home crowd with a chance to compete in a playoff setting. New Mexico has a team.

Now the Bullsnakes are becoming a pivotal part of the basketball community in the Land of Enchantment. One can only ask for an opportunity and that’s what we strive to give. As we start the new year, hope has grown bigger for this thing we call the Bullsnakes.

The media hasn’t noticed or perhaps they aren’t interested. Perhaps, they expect us to fail. But you the fans have made the Bullsnakes apart of the community. With your support, the Bullsnakes have grown from an idea into a reality. We here at the Bullsnakes organization thank each and every one of you for the love and support you have given.

Bigger things are coming for 2020, a decade and a new chapter is waiting to be written by you the fans. We thank all you who have taken a leap of faith and supported the Bullsnakes. To those sitting on the fence, we ask you to join us in 2020 as we look to make the Bullsnakes a tradition in New Mexico.

Here’s to a new year! Go Bullsnakes!


High school basketball is on fire in the state. At this point in the season, several teams hold undefeated records. Cleveland at 10-0, Volcano Vista at 8-0, and Eldorado at 7-0. The Metro Championships is coming up next week. This 16-team tournament will feature all the 5/4A schools in the greater Albuquerque Metro. This year looks to be super exciting. Many players on our roster have competed in this tournament. It’s a great experience for players and fans alike.


Our website will be going through a renovation fairly soon. Check back in for updates. Our youtube channel will be up and running this year. We also plan to give you more ways to watch the Bullsnakes.


We are presently adding games for January. Check our events at and our Facebook page for further details.

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