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By Russell Gurule’

Bullsnakes fans it’s that time to again, each week we look back at what happened with your beloved Bullsnakes and all the other basketball news in the Land of Enchantment.

For every time there is a season. Many songs have been written about seasons changing from The Bryds of the 60’s to Post Malone of today.

For the Bullsnakes that time has come as we entered the new year. Our first road game was a tipping point towards what could be considered a more focused group of Snakes. Our trip to Las Vegas brought the Bullsnakes closer together as we faced adversity with changing of gyms and game times. Even different rules were applied to our game in Las Vegas.

Adversity brought out the best in the Bullsnakes as they came all the way back from a large deficit to come within striking distance. Although our trip didn’t end with the victory, a new appreciation for the commitment it takes to win came into place.

Several changes have or are beginning to take place within the Bullsnakes organization. As you well know by now. Jordan Jones will be playing in the Mexican League where he gets a chance to continue his dream. It has been a pleasure getting to know Jordan. I found out that Jordan is a rapper with the best moonwalk I’ve seen this side of Michael Jackson.

Jordan gave us plenty of memories during his time with the Bullsnakes. We will always cherish them. Jordan is now an official member of the Bullsnakes alumni. We hope to add to that group through the years as we continue to build this franchise.

With all of that another change came our way, Dominique Josephs will be out for the rest of the season. But not to worry, he will back with us next season. Watching Dominique overcome many challenges to be with us showed how competitive Dominique is. We look forward to next year with Dominique Josephs playing center.

We’ve had a slow period in the schedule, and a group of Bullsnakes ready to get back on the court. This new year we’ll bring on the challenge of reaching the playoffs. As we enter what could be considered the second half of the season, we’ll find out how all these changes come into play.

We thank you for all your support. The media may not have noticed the Bullsnakes, but certainly have.


The APS Metro Championships in high school basketball have been a real treat. If you love watching future Bullsnakes this is definitely worth watching. This tournament has had several surprises with Albuquerque High advancing with a two-game win streak.

Cleveland appears to be the favorite as they continue to be undefeated. The Championship game is Saturday at Albuquerque High at 4 p.m.


We will have new player announcements soon. We will also have announcements on future road games for this month. Be sure to check our website and facebook for future events.

Our youtube channel will be up and running soon. Our new black road uniforms are on the way. The Bullsnakes will also make an appearance at the convention center on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Stop by and meet some of our players.


Check website for future games and announcements.

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