Posted by New Mexico Bullsnakes Basketball on Feb 09 2020 at 01:24AM PST

By Russell Gurule’

Saturday nights game was met with highs and lows. The anticipation for any home game is always high. The game started later than expected. The Bullsnakes were able to come out strong grabbing a big lead over the Nevada Pharaohs from Las Vegas, NV.

The 1st quarter saw the Bullsnakes full of energy before the Pharaohs could grab their bearings. Lamar Morinia came out strong leading the Bullsnakes through the quarter with several nice plays. Josh Holmes was also in attack mode taking it to the basket. The Bullsnakes were able to build a 20-point lead heading into the 2nd quarter.

The game started to tighten up with the Pharaohs putting on the screws on defense. For the Bullsnakes it was a practice in maintaining the comfortable they had built. Yet the Pharaohs were able to build several runs to keep within striking distance. Devon Williams and Daniel Delgado provided a few mini- runs to keep the Bullsnakes up. By halftime the Pharaohs had cut a fairly large lead down to 13 points.

The second half of action brought a furious attack by the Bullsnakes from several players which brought the lead to a 20-plus margin. The Pharaohs wouldn’t lay down, lead by Jared Evans and Ronnie Thomas steady attacks on goal. The Pharaohs were inching closer to have a chance in the 4th quarter.

The Bullsnakes struggled through several stretches in the 4th quarter which made the game uncomfortable when the Pharaohs were within 11-points of taking the lead. However, several key plays by Derius Hegwood and Mikal Monette brought the Bullsnakes out of their slumber. The game felt close as the Pharaohs hung around until the end. The Bullsnakes were able to secure the victory 138-121.

Sunday’s game should be very interesting as we could see a tight game with both teams ready to go again. It will be a case of who can recover the best in this back-to-back series being played at the MAC. Now that both teams are very familiar with each other, it will be a case of who can make the right adjustments. This game should be a treat for any basketball fan.

Join us Sunday at 2 p.m. at the MAC for more exciting Bullsnakes basketball!!


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